We Are The Ones, is a manual towards our true self. It all begins with the idea behind this psychic journey. Our evolved self (the one that it took us eons to change and became a bit more loving) adds to the great lake of human consciousness a drop that changes this lake. Then this in time will manifest the events we see around us. When the critical mass reaches a point, then the whole of humanity will change vibration. That means that we are creating a world as we dreamt it and not as we dreaded it.

“Our Sacred Earth is changing, as it is not a planet inhabited by living creatures, it is a living planet.We are unknowingly either with her -part of the solution- or against her -part of the problem.”

This book here helps you be a part of a solution. A part of this amazing, growing population of awakened, free human beings, that will change the world. Salome is an experienced psychotherapist who is passionate about helping to change the world around us. One of her stories appear in “Memories of Heaven” by Dee Garnes and Dr. Wayne Dyer but this manual is her passion training wisdom and experience expressed and handed to you.


Psychologist, psychotherapist and writer

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Failed are those who do not fail. It is one hundred percent certain that they will fail if they  never try.