We are the ones we are waiting for – Book By Salome


We are all adding a drop in this seemingly endless lake ( or a huge grid or cup) called mass consciousness. This lake produces the results we see manifesting around us in the physical world. A drop can change a lake? Yes it can. So by healing yourselves, you not only lead a life worth living for, but, you add to this seemingly endless lake or grid, a higher vibration or a different ingredient.Which in its own time, will manifest different results in the physical world, and will continue to do so, before and after the critical mass has been reached to shift the human mass consciousness vibration. Is it clear now that you are the one you have been waiting for to change the world?

Core Belief Introduction (CB Part 1)


Core Belief Introduction

A seven minute exercise

A powerful inner child exercise to begin your healing with. When the audio ends your work begins. Please do take as much time as you possibly can to explore this relationship with your inner child.

The Core Belief Exercise (CB Part 3)


The Core Belief Exercise


A complete exercise for 3 months, powerful and intense. You will need a whole diary book and a pen for this, and any help on the way will be found both by other members or/and  from couching. Find your couch or other member first through this site and then proceed to begin the exercise.

Introduction To Week 1. Clearing The Aura


How to Get yourselves ready for the Workshop. Place your Intend, Create a Sanctuary, Book and Pen.

In this 19 minute audio you will be given specific instructions to create a sanctuary and clear your energy for a week BEFORE you go on to Part 2 of this workshop. So leave at least 7 days, clearing your energy field and then go on to releasing beliefs, people and contracts. Please follow this instruction religiously as those are energy exercises and are very powerful.

Week 1. Clearing The Chakras


Chakra Clearing Exercise For Seven Days

20-minute exercise

In this chakra clearing, you will be instructed to repeat this exercise for seven days. You will need a pen and paper (beforehand) to write the exercise down.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs


An Energy Exercise To Release Limiting Beliefs

In this audio, you are given specific instructions on what you need to do before the exercise. A pen a paper and a strife-free quiet place, holding your crystal and lighting a candle will do. Then you go on to release your limiting beliefs. Seven consecutive limiting beliefs, and then take your time to do as many as you like. When you finish do rest, to absorb the new energy for at least 30 minutes.

Week Two. Clearing Soul Contracts. First Part


How do you identify there are Contracts to be released? Whatever persists after being healed look for a soul contract as it might be involved.  Has served its purpose of existing but works no more for your higher good.

Begin by clearing those contracts that aren’t as close to you as family (partner, child, siblings, parents, grandparents) or cordial friends and proceed to those who are near …and sometimes dear!

Week Two. Clearing Soul Contracts Second Part


How do you identify there are Soul Contracts to be released?

Whatever persists after it has been healed. Look for a psychic contract that might have been involved and has served its purpose. But works no more for your higher good.
Again an exercise you may repeat endlessly. You now have the tool.

Week 2 . Clearing… People


Clearing People’s Energies From Our Energy Field

A quick and easy exercise that you may use again and again. The first three or four times you use it avoid family members, (Children, partner, siblings, parents, grandparents, ancestors,) and it is highly recommended to start out with acquaintances or -not cordial- friends.

An easy exercise you can use anywhere with anyone, with the clear intention to vibrate higher and clearer.

About 10 minutes of your time.